RISE Global Mart is a global market opportunity creator for the Tamil industry in any field.

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RISE Global Mart

Rise Mart is an initiative of The RISE Movement to facilitate a hassle-free platform exclusively for Tamil enthusiasts. We welcome Tamilians from all horizons from farmers, rural artisans, traders, manufacturers, vendors, wholesale suppliers, and a special mention of our women entrepreneurs.

Rise Mart paves a way to reach the local and international markets through a global retail network, spreading your business footprint and Tamil patriotism across seas. The company is incorporated under the name RISE GLOBAL MART PRIVATE LIMITED on 13th August 2019

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Dr. Jose Mikle Robin along with Mr.Mohammed Imran, Mr. Gopinath Ramamurthy and Mr. Kavi Ajith seeding the idea of RISE Global Mart at The RISE Global Summit at Malaysia - 03,04,05 May 2019

Our Promoters

Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj

Saravanan Sinapan

Jose Mikle Robin

Mohamad Imran

Sekhar Manohar


Kavi Ajith

Suresh Manoharan

Joseph Cross Raja

Karthik Erode

Blessing Manikandan

Lakshmi Mohan


The RISE is an organization striving to bring back the rich Tamil civilization of yore. We strongly believe that this can only be achieved by the economic growth of the Tamils across the globe. The RISE initiative was spearheaded by Rev. Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj. According to him, transforming Tamil Nadu into an entrepreneurial economy is a core objective of his organisation.

First summit for Tamil Entrepreneurs across the world held at Madurai on 28th, 29th, and 30th December, is yet another success story of Tamils joining hands for a purpose. The participants came from different parts of India; including the diaspora from around the world from 30+ countries – East to West; from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UAE, Qatar, South Africa, Ghana, Oman, Uganda, UK, Spain, France, USA, and Canada. Followed by conferences held in Malaysia and Chennai. The idea of RISE Global Mart was seeded at the Malaysia conference by Dr. Jose Mikle Robin and Mohammed Imran.

We Believe

  • In developing the local farmer and Tamil entrepreneur to standardize their products in par with the international standard for export.
  • In using eco-friendly raw material and resources to make end products.
  • In providing state of the art technology to increase the efficiency of their production.
  • In analyzing the global market requirement and cater to them with Tamil produced products.


30+ franchisee are globally ready to commence operations from 20+ countries.


We have signed with Ahimsa, it has 8,000 registered farmers. They run TNSCM vegetable Procurement and Processing Centres ( PPCs) located in 6 districts with vegetable handling capacity of 150 tons per day.


REEP supply chain private limited has confirmed contract with Ahimsa for 10 years. 20 Nos electric autos order placed and getting ready for deployment.


RISE Global Mart holds the sales and distribution rights for the Branded merchandise of RISE.


Discussion with Dr. Sivaraman to promote their siddha products globally. Medical equipment and health care products will also be part of our portfolio.


Eminent RISE leader Mr. Saravanan has show interest in promoting our products in Malaysia. Puteri has expressed its interest to buy raw material for their operations and supply their products to our retail shelves.


Head Office

No 14, North Mada Street,
Srinagar Colony, Saidapet,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015,

M :+91 99948 96606

M :+91 98427 13165

W :+968 9922 4131

E: risemartglobal@gmail.com